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Much of Port Regis’s status as one of the South of England’s most popular Prep Schools can be attributed to the vision of its Headmaster, Peter Dix .... Country Life

The headmaster provides excellent leadership.  He enjoys the confidence of parents, staff and pupils.  The hallmarks of this leadership are the considerable attention paid to detail and the very good teamwork amongst all the staff... Independent Schools Inspectorate

Self proclaimed 'stickler for old fashioned values' with table manners near the top of his list.  Hugely appreciated by parents. We hear he delivers a smashing assembly to parents and children on Saturdays, followed by a slap-up lunch for all. Hosted the new prep school heads' training course for several years and is pretty well forming up to be the headmaster to whom all the other heads pay heed. Good Schools Guide

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There is very strong leadership and monitoring of all aspects of the care provided. Children benefit from a well managed school.  The organisation is outstanding. OFSTED

The head:  Warm, enthusiastic, approachable;  hands-on management style.  Daily Telegraph Good Schools Guide