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support for the head’s


Peter’s wife Liz is widely known as having been one of the most remarkable Headmaster’s Wives of the age.  Exceptionally charming and positive, Liz worked full-time at Port Regis, touring all the Prospective Parents, attending all management meetings, teaching Art, and, most importantly, providing children, staff and parents with exceptional counselling and general advice.

“His wife, Liz, BA in fashion and textiles, which she teaches at the school, is very much part of the double act.” Good Schools Guide

This background as a designer also allowed her to offer considerable expertise in matters of overall design, presentation and taste in the school. 

She assisted in the running of the IAPS Heads Induction Courses, regularly chairing sessions for the Spouses.  As a key partner in Peter Dix Consulting, Liz would be happy to mentor and advise Head’s spouses in their difficult and demanding rôles.

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