Peter Dix read Classics at Cambridge and has taught at Prep Schools in Scotland, South Africa and England and at The King’s School Canterbury. 

He has recently retired after 17 years as Headmaster of Port Regis. He ran the New Heads Induction Course for several years and served on the IAPS Policy & Promotions Committee. He is also the author of several major articles on Prep School education and was the Education Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph for nearly two years.


He has set up Peter Dix Consulting to offer his skills and experience to schools & other enterprises.


  1. Recruitment, Mentoring & Appraising of Heads

  2. Troubleshooting and Whole-School Audits

  3. Head’s Spouse back-up

  4. Helping State Primaries become Academies

Other Enterprises

  1. Management and Leadership

  2. Public Speaking and Speech Writing

  3. Report and Article Writing


The Consultancy’s philosophy is based on Peter Dix’s own style of management and leadership: breadth of vision underpinned by a high degree of efficiency, attention to detail, warm and cheerful engagement with people and a strong determination to achieve at the highest possible level.

Peter would be delighted to discuss with you how he might help your school or organisation.

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