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Peter Dix can bring the breadth of his experience in the Prep School world to assist you in auditing how successfully your school is running in any or every area.

Peter Dix can help, not only on the technical aspects of management, but also on the style and tone thereof and on the leadership values of your school.

Having managed a staff of 277 of various kinds; masterminded the design and construction of a number of highly-acclaimed buildings at Port Regis with cutting-edge green technology increasingly to the fore; transformed the dining experience of the school; dealt with a number of employment and other legal issues as well as Health and Safety requirements; led the marketing of the school and the recruitment of families, and steered the school successfully through several ISI, OFSTED and Social Service inspections, Peter Dix has the necessary experience and expertise to assist other schools. 

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Peter would be happy to spend an initial day at your school to meet you and your key staff and to provide an early diagnosis.